Bridge A


Every Thursday
10:00 to 12:30
Member's Home (By Rotation)
No Vacancies

Bridge A has 16 members and plays contract bridge (usually 3 tables). 

Although there are 16 members, we usually we have an attendance of about 12 and so we have three tables. Those of us with sufficient space in our homes for 3 tables take it in turns to host the meetings. We are a friendly happy group and although we are all experience players, we all aim to improve our game. Accordingly each meeting begins with a set of hands that have been prepared by our convenor and we all take part in playing the hands. Then we have an inquest to see how well we played correctly and how we might possibly have done better.

Bridge is a very demanding game requiring good memory, a natural ability to account of what’s gone and from whom, and much thought about the possibilities. It certainly keeps the old grey matter working, and we manage to have a lot of fun and laughter as well.

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