Crime Report 25-03-2020

By | 25/03/2020

I have just had an interview with Superintendent Colin Hudson, the Police Area Commander for the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. He felt it was extremely important, to keep you all fully informed and appraised of the current policing situation. We are working closely with all our partner agencies and the public, to support each other – and get us through this situation.

What are our local policing priorities at this moment ?

‘Our priorities, at this point in time, are to maintain our front line, so we can respond to those in need and safeguard our communities’.

Are we still able to deal with crime ?

‘We are able, to deal with crime and deliver our core service. We are used and very well trained, to deal with major incidents and have well tested business continuity plans that we are implementing now. There are a range of measures we are taking, to continue to serve the public in the Borough’.

Has crime gone down, now that so many of us are at home and anyone on the streets, is more visible ?

‘We are seeing some patterns of crime changing and we are not at this time seeing an overall increase. Some types are down, for example – residential burglary. We are monitoring the situation daily, to understand the picture in these unprecedented times. Criminals will try to adapt to the circumstances and we are planning and responding with this in mind’.

How are we working together with all our partners ?

‘A lot of the ways we work, have had to change as a result of the guidance issued by the Government and the pressures across all services and organisations. We are continuing to work in partnership. Just one example of how we have adapted, is our much greater use of technology, to collaborate remotely’.

How are we copying with reduced staff numbers due to them working from home or self-isolating ?

‘We are coping well and maintaining our core functions, home working and social isolation is implemented in some areas, where staff can work effectively in that way’.I think. It is worth adding that we are seeing staff returning to work, as well as isolating, so we are working hard, to manage both sides of the equation’.

How can the public play their part and support us ?

‘I think the main thing, would be to follow the guidance, look after yourselves and each other and stay tuned for updates from TVP, on social media and Thames Valley Alert. There will be messages coming out advising people as the situation progresses’.

What are the PCSOs tasked to do, as they are very visible and the link to the public at the moment, in the town centres and hi viz patrols ? Will they still be attending meetings ? Are we liaising closely with the RBWM Community Wardens ?

‘I can’t comment on the specifics of officer tasking at the moment, as you would expect. However, they are focused on getting out and about, although the way they engage, might have to change, depending on the circumstances. For example, there won’t be any meetings. There are areas they are focusing on and we are liaising with our partners as you would expect’.

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