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Police and Property Act Fund opens early
To support voluntary and community organisations during the COVID19 pandemic, the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable have opened the latest round of the Police and Property Act Fund early. From Monday (30/3), applications are being sought from organisations across the Thames Valley who are supporting our communities through this outbreak.
The Fund, which is jointly managed by the PCC and the Chief Constable, is created from money recovered by the police and the proceeds from the sale of items that cannot be returned to identified owners, including seizures from criminals.
£100,000 has been made available to help organisations in this round and the closing date for applications is 12pm, Monday 20 April.

Further information and the application form can be found on:

The Police Property Act Fund is a joint fund managed by the PCC and the Chief Constable and is distributed to local community and voluntary groups.

The Fund is created from money recovered by the police and the proceeds from the sale of items that cannot be returned to identified owners, which includes seizures from criminals and is distributed twice a year

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have brought forward the latest funding round to support organisations who are working with the local community and helping people through this challenging time. Applications are now being invited to bid for funding.

Each funding round involves a grant application form where applicants are required to evidence how they help to achieve a specific objective of the PCCs Police and Crime Plan, previous rounds have included ‘reducing reoffending’ and ‘protecting vulnerable people’.

This Fund is an opportunity for Community and Voluntary Groups to get involved and assist the PCC and Thames Valley Police in tackling and reducing crime

If you are interested in applying in the future we would strongly advise that you build relationships with your local policing team as this is one of the key criteria in the application process.



FIRST from Tina:

Hi Jeff,

Just had my elderly (89) Mum on the phone. She lives in Cox Green. Amazon delivered a parcel (slippers), my Mum had seen them coming, so she opened the door and they left it half way on the path to the front door. Great social distancing, etc.

Mum turned to get a disinfectant wipe from just inside and when she went to and pick up the parcel saw a scruffy man creeping up the drive with his eye on her parcel. On realising he had been seen, he ran off up the road.

My Mum was obviously quite put out, more angry than cross.

I thought it might be of interest to you and be worth mentioning in your email.

As we are all now relying on parcels being delivered, there will be thieves out there looking for easy pickings !

AND from Carol:

Hi Jeff

Hope you are keeping well in our strange new world.

Your Alerts are always very helpful and I just wanted to say that I was particularly grateful to receive Saturday’s Alert as I had exactly the same experience as your contributor Liz.

I too received a text from my mobile network provider O2 at the weekend saying they were unable to process my latest bill and directing me to a website, to update my payment information in order to avoid fees.
It looked legitimate and I was planning to visit the website and follow this up today !

Fortunately, Not Now! Liz’s scam report, has saved me a lot of time and trouble.

Great work Jeff!

Best Wishes


Liz is always on the ball and often seems to be the first to get these scams – she is brilliant and sends them to me.

I have received copies of various areas’ News Letters, which contain some useful information for everyone:


Check out this week’s Eton Community News

Coronavirus and the Community
Corona Virus Local Assistance:

Dear Resident,

Eton Town Council, Eton Community Association, the Churches, retailers and many volunteers are working together to support the community of Eton at this challenging time.

We want to make sure support is available for everyone anywhere in Eton who needs to stay at home during the current pandemic.

Of course, many of you will already have support from families, friends and neighbours and we don’t intend to interfere with that !  We just want people to make sure everyone has access to help if needed.  There will be a simple screening process for volunteers to help ensure safety.

We are making a list of people who will be able to:
Deliver food / provisions from the Eton Stores

Deliver medicines from the pharmacy

Take post from homes to the post box

If you would like to offer help, please email or phone Eton Town Council on 01753 860 377 (not 24 hours)

We will shortly be posting a leaflet through your door, so that everyone who needs this practical help, will have a number to ring.

Ros Rivaz & Cllr George Fussey
Chair ECA and Deputy Mayor – Eton Town Council.

Please note RBWM have created this advice:

To keep businesses & residents updated with changes during the Coronavirus outbreak…

Locally, Eton College are making their boarding accommodation available to key workers. 

Our Borough continues to update information on their website regarding COVID 19 and also how services are working when there is an essential need.`

An information leaflet has been received by everyone and there is another hand-posted letter on its way (which may have landed by the time you read this) giving further information. Eton Wick are doing this too.

An information leaflet has been received by everyone and there is another hand-posted letter on its way (which may have landed by the time you read this) giving further information. Eton Wick are doing this too.

Eton College will be making our boarding accommodation available to key workers locally who have family members needing to self-isolate at home.  We are advanced with our discussions with the:


And our local


And anticipate this programme will be up and running very soon:

Support for businesses and business rate relief 2020/21.
The government has announced a number of changes to business rate relief both as a result of the budget and in order to assist with the effects of the current Coronavirus outbreak.
These frequently asked questions are designed to assist business understand the effect of these announcements and how these will be applied to eligible ratepayers.

Expanded Retail Discount.
The government announced that Retail Relief Discount would increase from 50% to 100% and to more areas of business for 2020/21.
To qualify for this relief, the premises must be occupied but will count as occupied if you would normally be open but have only chosen to close as a result of the current Coronavirus outbreak. The government guidance on the new scheme can be found here:

My business already receives 50% retail discount will I need to apply for the new 100% rate relief?
No – if your existing bill for the 2020/21 financial year shows 50% retail discount then you do not need to take any action nor make any payment. Your bill will automatically be updated to show the 100% rate relief and will be reissued as soon as possible.

My business is classified as retail, leisure or in the hospitality sector but my 2020/21 bill does not show any retail discount, will I need to apply for the new 100% rate relief?
There are a number of reasons why your 2020/21bill may not show retail relief. The original scheme was only available to business with a rateable value under £51,000 and to certain types of retail premises. The government has expanded the types of business which now qualify and lifted the £51,000 limit.
The Council will try to automatically identify your business as an eligible business for the enhanced relief and reissue your business rates bill as soon as we are able to. So you do not need to apply at this point.
However, this may not be possible in all instances so, if you believe that your business should qualify, but you do not receive a revised bill by the time that your May instalment is due, please contact
During this time you should continue to pay your existing business rates bill for 2020/21. If you do subsequently qualify for increased assistance and have overpaid, these sums will be refunded to you. If you are struggling financially to make the payments, please contact as soon as possible to discuss how we may be able to assist in this situation.
The types of businesses which do not qualify for the expanded scheme include:

State aid information
Many of the business rate reliefs will come under the rules regarding state aid. State Aid law is the means by which the European Union regulates state funded support to businesses.
EC 1407/2013, the De Minimis regulations, allow an undertaking to receive up to €500,000 De Minimis aid over a rolling 3 year period, including aid received outside of business rates relief. Any De Minimis aid granted during the current or the two previous financial years must be declared. However, the government are working on obtaining approval from the EU to ignore the de minimus level for the expanded retail relief. We will update this information as and when we know more.
Further guidance on state aid can be found here:

and finally a word of warning from BBC radio. If you receive a WhatsApp video called “Dance of the Popes” or “Martinelli”, DO NOT open it. It is reported that this will format your mobile phone and render it useless.

Don’t forget you can find the latest News, Events and much more on the Eton Town Council Website:

AND form the Holyport Residents’ Association:

Dear HRA Member or Friend,

If you consider yourself vulnerable you can, as previously advised get in touch with HolyportCares.  Also you can register with RBWM.  The latter was previously advised in an RBWM email which I copied out to you.

Now I have put that latter information on the HRA website on the home page here;

Also I have listed there the categories of medical condition which one might have, which Government advises would mean one would be considered vulnerable.

Best wishes



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