Calling Carpet Bowlers

By | 22/05/2022
This lively group would be delighted to welcome some new members.  We meet every Monday from 2-4pm at Braywood Memorial Hall in Fifield.  
Carpet Bowls is played on a carpet of 6 feet wide by 30 feet long, which is marked out with a delivery space at the centre of each end of the carpet and two contrasting blocks of wood placed on these guide lines.
A block of wood approx 18″ long and 2″ high is placed in the centre of the carpet, equidistant from each end and each side.
A white jack is placed at the opposite end to play, with the bowlers using two woods each, and bowling against an opposing team member, who endeavours to bowl the wood closest to the Jack.  The wood has a weight bias on one side, which helps it ‘curve around the wood ‘in the centre of the carpet.
The game is played ‘end to end’, with each team scoring after the closest distance to the jack being awarded the points. 

There is a weekly charge to help cover the cost of Hall Hire, but newcomers are not charged for their first two attendances.

Meeting details can be found here.
All ages welcome, no previous experience necessary, so, if you are looking for a new experience, or are already a player and would like to join us, please contact our Groups Co-Ordinator

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