Men-at-Alms: The Quirky Military Knights of Windsor – Simon Durnford

By | 22/02/2024

The Military Knights of Windsor were founded in 1348 as a charity for impoverished men- at-arms.

This light hearted presentation will describe the group’s history and include the stories of some past Knights (amongst whom have been crusaders, artists, con-artists, judges, freed slaves, free-booters, mad baronets, butlers and highly distinguished soldiers). Our speaker, Simon Durnford’s up-bringing was a mix of privilege, as the son of a naval officer, and poverty, when his father exchanged military for Holy Orders. He studied medicine at Guy’s Hospital and then joined the army, specialising in aviation medicine. On retirement, he and his wife farmed livestock for fifteen years before he re-joined the service as the 655th Military Knight of Windsor.

The talk will be held at the Desborough Bowling Club at 10 Green Lane, Maidenhead SL6 1XZ.

Please arrive between 2.00 and 2.15pm.

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