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Thames Valley Network

The Sweetest Thing – History of Sugar, 7th May

Learn about aspects of the history of sugar, including: the cultivation, extraction and processing of cane and beet; tracing the dramatic rise of the use of sugar in Britain and its importance to the wealth of individuals and to the country as a whole

Butterflies within a Changing Environment – 31st March

What is a butterfly and how do they differ from moths? Is the changing climate affecting the native species and how are they coping? What will we expect to see if global warming continues and how can we try and maintain the health of our native species for the future?

TVN Music from the Musicals – 23rd February

Clive Aronson will be giving a unique insight into the musicals we all know and love. He has had his own radio programme (which he started purely as a charity one-off event during lockdown last year) which has proved so successful that he now runs it weekly with a different slant each session.

TVN Quiz – 3rd February

Following the TVN Christmas Quiz, many people expressed an interest in having more quizzes, so here we go – there will be a quiz for TVN members on Wednesday, February 3rd, at 2 p.m., on Zoom.

Inspiring Photograohy – 20th January

This study morning aims to inspire you to improve the composition of your photographs. Whether you are using the camera on your phone or a top of the range Digital Single Lens Reflex, the talks will focus on recognising the best photos to take and how to capture them.